Cloud Accounting

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Cloud Accounting proportionate information access through internet by the client and by the Accountant for example when you use internet banking, you can access your bank account any time and from anywhere in the world from any device. Your hard drive is no longer the central hub.

Why cloud accounting is good for business

If you want your business to work smoother and quicker, cloud accounting software is a mind blowing option. Working with the Account & finance will give you an opportunity to see your finances, Business growth and accounting system compatibility clearly.

Online accounting means small business owners stay connected to their data and their accountants.

Our aim is to give you freedom by dealing with the day-to-day routine of sorting out your business paperwork. We will review all transactions, make adjustments, reconcile accounts and provide you with periodic reporting.

Account & Finance has a team of enthusiastic bookkeepers and management accountants who are qualified in various types of accounting software and are recycled to managing a portfolio of work which requires reporting to various deadlines. We have controls and checklists in place to ensure all processes are documented. Each client has a dedicated person who will maintain the accounting records and a manager who will oversee the processes to ensure you are provided with a professional bookkeeping service. Financial accounts are not the only information that individuals require when considering decisions. The need for alternative management information, such as key performance indicators, is equally necessary in order to make effective decision-making.

Online software used for bookkeeping

  • XERO
  • SAGE
  • QuickBooks