Accounts Preparation

Accounts can be simple to prepare. They tell the story of the life of the company. They are also used to complete the tax returns of the company. Accounts are standard legal documents that follow strict format rules. They can be found in the Companies Act 1985 and accounting standards published by the International Accounting Standards Board and the UK accounting standards board. Preparation is a step by step approach. The final product must produce a true and fair view of the results (profit or loss) made by the business during an accounting period and the position (of net assets on the balance sheet) at the end of the accounting period.

Luckily you don’t have to worry about a thing where you account preparation is concerned. With our service you never have to lay a finger on your accounts. We will take good care of your accounts and ensure that they are ready to be used for tax purposes. Preparation of accounts in the correct manner can be time consuming and can easily frustrate anyone let alone someone who is not a trained accountant. We here at Account & Finance will take all your accounts preparation duties off of you so that you can concentrate on other more important things.

We will prepare your accounts in a way that will help you understand your business better and therefore plan well for the future. With our help you can not only ensure that your accounts are in order but also work to put in place policies that will push your business to grow and succeed. Our team is comprised of experts who will guide you and offer you with advise that will help you understand your business’ finances better and make smarter moves for it. With us in your corner you have nothing to worry about.