Limited Companies

Running any kind of business is not an easy task, there are so many things that need taking care of and none of them can afford to be swept away. To run a limited company you may need some supprt as many other limited companies often tend to reach out for some help. We at Account & Finance are there to offer to you just that help. Our financial, accounting and advisory services have helped many limited companies operating in the market.

Our firm has gathered experience in many different sectors over the years and we can help your business with what we have learnt from that experience. Our trained, expert staff can help manage your records, manual or computerized, and prepare annual accounts and conduct yearend financial reviews to see where your business is standing at. We can also provide your staff training with accounting software packages to help you ensure that your accounts are in good working order.

We provide advisory services that include business and cash flow planning to help with projections and setting budgets. Our team is also fully qualified to help you with employee management such as payroll management. Taxes can also often be difficult to deal with, but with our help you can calculate your taxes and VAT and figure out the amount that you need to pay. Our services can also help you enforce cost effective measure that will optimize your business operations.

We believe that the more that we can help you, the more time you will have to give your integral business actives your uninterrupted attention. Our mission is to help your company be as successful as it can possibly be and we are willing to go the extra mile to help you do that.