Self Employed Registration

Member of our professional team will help you in understanding the benefit of working as a self-employed or limited company, self-employed is feasible for you if you are

  • Sole proprietor of the business
  • You don’t willing to sell of business shares
  • You are ready to take the personnel responsibility for the debts and liabilities of the business
  • You are not interested to spend a large amount of money on company administration
  • You don’t wish to trade as a company now, but may be willing to trade as a company in future

Documents required registering as a sole trader’s

  • Choose business brand name if you want
  • Get ready the proof of address
  • Get ready proof of id
  • Business registered address
  • proprietor personal details(NI, Passport copy etc..) and living address
  • self-employed registration Fee     £60.00

For further information please contact us, our dedicated team will be happy to assist you