Partnerships can be a great way to operate if you are looking for a simplistic way of going into business with one or more people. The structure can also be beneficial if there are many partners, as adding and removing partners and their share of ownership of the businesses is very straight forward to do. This is one reason business owners prefer to trade as a Partnership over a Limited Company. However, even a partnership needs some help from the outside and we are here to offer you just that.

The Account & Finance can help with all of the accounting and tax requirements of partnerships. We can also help you set up your partnership and ensure that you are operating in the most tax efficient way from the outset. We at Account & Finance appreciate that most business owners do not have an accounting or tax background and therefore always strive to give advice in plain English. We will explain your financials in a clear and concise manner and help you to understand our reporting of your business.

In our experience when a client understands their own accounts and their related tax calculations they are subsequently much more informed when making important decisions in the day-to-day running of their business. This can be the difference in failure and success for a business and why we place such importance on providing accessible advice and information.

Having your accounting and finance delegated to us means that they will get to know you and your business on a detailed level. By working directly with you and gaining an in depth knowledge of your business we will always give you truly personalized advice such as how you might increase cash flow or profitability given your current circumstances.