Assistance with Stock Taking & Evaluation

Our accounts team will take your book-keeping records and produce the appropriate form of accounts for your business. In many cases, we will be able to extract the required information automatically from the accounts software we will have helped set up in your business, making the accounts production process seamless and error-free. We will also handle the submission of these accounts to Companies House, if needed.

However, our services go beyond this – we will help you use these accounts to make sense of your business. Your accounts will form part of the tool set we use to assist you with your business planning. Fortunately not every business has to carry stock, but for those that do, the annual stock take can be a real chore. Often having to work outside normal hours (few businesses can afford to close for stock taking) there is the need to count and list items quickly and accurately before you open for business again. Then comes the often even more difficult and time consuming task of evaluating the stock, we are not promising to do this any more quickly than you would, but to assist you with this onerous but necessary task at the very least annually.

Our team with take the stocktaking approach step by step:

1. Objectively evaluate residue of products.
Our specialists are independent and are not interested to hide faults, forge documents or falsify data.

2. Analyze effectiveness of movement of products, precision and registration of products
You can control a situation with comparing data obtained during independent stocktaking with already existing data.

3. Perform stocktaking outside of working time of enterprise.
Stocktaking is possible to perform during one night. The client is receiving precise information before begin the workday.

4. Correctly plan delivery of products.
Knowledge of precise information will guarantee you taking more effective decisions.

5. Plan expenses of stocktaking.