Book Keeping Health-Check

A well-kept bookkeeping system contributes to a healthy business. Do you have doubts about your Bookkeeping system? Are there cracks in your current system that you don’t have time to fill? Let us give it a health check and you will receive an accurate view of what is working well and what needs improvement because all businesses are required to keep accurate records for both VAT and taxation purposes. Good practices in bookkeeping also benefit your business by helping you to control and manage your finances, ensure that your accounts are completed more efficiently and plan for future growth. This will in turn ensure that you avoid penalties from HMRC for late filing.

We can provide monthly, quarterly or annual reviews of your accounts, whichever suits your particular needs most, and will use these to help you set future financial budgets and targets. At Account & Finance, we recognize that there are some small and medium-sized businesses out there that do employ their own in-house or contract bookkeeper.

But as a business owner, you may not be an expert in accounting, MYOB or Cloud Accounting and even if you are, constantly checking your own books can take up valuable time and money. So how can you be assured that your records are 100% correct and feel confident that your bookkeeper is doing a good job? Account & Finance offers you peace of mind with our unique Bookkeeping Health Check Service. We are here to help ensure that your books are running smoothly, accurate and basically in good condition.

What happens if you don’t conduct regular Bookkeeping checks ? You may end up with incorrect balances, accounts that don’t reconcile or just a few, basic human errors that could throw everything askew. Our goal at Account & Finance is to help you avoid these circumstances and make sure that your bookkeeping is an accurate reflection of your business performance.