Company Tax Return

With corporation tax reliefs and rates changing on an annual basis, it’s important to make the most of all of the exemptions, allowances and deductions available for tax returns calculations. By employing a team of dedicated tax consultants, you company businesses can expect an entirely different level of technical efficient on company tax return than might be expected from a generalist accountant. Our tax consultants will spend time with you to understand your personal circumstances, what other income you have, how your business is structured, and when you need to realise what proportion of your investment, to make sure no stone is left unturned when it comes to giving you the best tax advice and saving on your tax returns.

Small businesses benefit from lower rates of corporation tax than larger corporations and several additional tax breaks for small businesses have been created in recent budgets – a trend which looks set to continue. Staying on top of the changing legislation and carefully considering other personal income and pension arrangements, can lead to some significant tax savings, especially if there is scope to spread out earnings over a number of years. We will help you plan the best possible approaches that are tax effective before you file your tax returns.

Minimizing a company’s tax is the key to generating internal investment and long term growth. All UK companies are liable to pay tax on their profits, regardless of where in the world these profits were accumulated. At the end of each Company financial year, we will sit down and draw up your tax returns in the most efficient manner so that you can not only minimize your tax liability but also be completely sure that all your tax paper work is in order. Unlike other taxes, the deadline for paying your tax liability falls before the date by which you must file your tax return and we are here to make sure you never miss a deadline.