Estate Planning

Although we are all individuals and our thought processes are unique, there are many things we have in common. The desire for protection and fairness are two of those things. After a lifetime of hard work, you want to make sure you protect as much of your wealth as possible and pass it onto the right people.

However, this does not happen automatically. If you do not plan for what happens to your assets when you die, more of your estate than necessary could be exposed to inheritance tax (IHT). You want to be sure that the right people will get the right amounts at the right time – and that they are ready to receive potentially large sums.

Estate planning is about more than just tax. It is about making sure the people left behind are financially supported, that your assets are protected, and that the tax your estate pays is fair. From essential estate planning, such as the establishment of wills and power of attorney, to options such as making the most of exemptions, giving away excess income and creating trusts, there are numerous estate planning possibilities. Everyone has different requirements and motivations – the right solutions for you are the ones that suit your personal circumstances. We at Account & Finance can work with you to discover what these are.

Our specialist estate planning advice is designed to help you maximize your wealth and minimize IHT. We offer:

  • A comprehensive review of all your assets and objectives
  • Plans designed specifically for you and your estate
  • A wide choice of tax-efficient solutions

With our estate planning services you will be able to ensure that your loved ones are cared for in the best way possible. We will help you plan our every aspect of your estate so nothing is left unattended.