What Our Clients Say

We have had peace of mind for the last six years when it comes to filing our state and federal taxes because we have been using ACCOUNT & FINANCE as our accountant! In addition to handling our business year-end taxes, he also does our business monthly bookkeeping, files our monthly required tax estimates, helps us with our financial planning and health are needs, and files our personal taxes. I highly recommend ACCOUNT & FINANCE for all of your accounting needs. He is someone you can trust.

We came to ACCOUNT & FINANCE looking for the right fit with a local accounting firm known for giving great service. We have found them to be an extremely good fit for our ministry size and philosophy. We receive personalized service and are freed up from worrying about things we don’t do well – accounting and bookkeeping – so that we are able to minister to couples and families around the world.

As a fast-growing business, we found ourselves in a situation where our key employees wore many hats. We knew we needed an accounting firm to do more than just file our taxes and tell us how to stay out of trouble. We needed someone with the capability to take on several key financial functions and consult with us on a regular basis. From the beginning, ACCOUNT & FINANCE has learned our business and become our external CFO that asks us hard questions. Their team has brought financial expertise to the table where we meet them with our production insight. This partnership has allowed our visionary/entrepreneur owner the ability to run, grow and sell like never before. We have been able to grow the business to levels we never would have without ACCOUNT & FINANCE.

After many interviews and a lot of research, we chose ACCOUNT & FINANCE to be our new accounting partner. Making the switch to ACCOUNT & FINANCE was one of the best business decisions we have made. The firm has been extremely capable in handling our books, and the response time if we have questions has been amazing. They are experts in all the systems we use and have been able to offer guidance at every turn. One of our goals was to have reporting that could specifically help us steer our business in the direction that would be most profitable. Within the first month of working together, they had all the reports we wanted up and running. ACCOUNT & FINANCE has treated us like a VIP account, even though we’re a small business and not even close to one of their biggest customers. Our questions and concerns have been addressed immediately with respect and patience, and most importantly, with results. Thanks to ACCOUNT & FINANCE for helping this little business get to the next level!

For the last five years, ACCOUNT & FINANCE has provided tax, accounting, and consulting services for our family of owners and various corporate entities in the US, Canada and Mexico. The initial transition went smoothly and the assigned team has remained consistent over the years. We can’t say enough about the engagement team. They have strong technical skills, are extremely responsive and very easy to work with. We’re fortunate to work with a firm that takes a strong personal interest in its clients while being dedicated to providing value-added service.

We’re a family business so we have business needs, personal financial needs and issues that often fall into both camps. We’ve received excellent succession planning advice and assistance from ACCOUNT & FINANCE as well as practical valuation and gifting advice. We rely on the firm for all of our accounting and tax advice, where we also regularly receive value added ideas. Our advisers are very patient in explaining the various impacts of key decisions on both the business and each family member. Each family member is very glad we turned a new page in our accounting firm relationship.

I have worked with ACCOUNT & FINANCE on numerous projects related to financial and tax reporting. The ACCOUNT & FINANCE team provides highly responsive and skilled valuation services that help me keep focused on more value-added tasks for portfolio companies. I feel like I can rely upon the advice provided by ACCOUNT & FINANCE.