Charitable organizations and non profits are a vital part of any flourishing society. It is not easy to run one though. It involves many different aspects such as fundraising, managing finances, keeping stakeholders satisfied, keeping track of the ever-changing policies and so much more. We here at Account & Finance offer our financial services to charities to help them make knowledgeable decisions for their organisations that can help more people.

We provide our clients with strategic planning and financial advice to traverse the complicated waters of this highly regulated sector. We at Account & Finance are very passionate about a number of important issues and we show that passion with our commitment to the accountancy, financial and advisory services offered to the non profit sector. Our team has several experienced specialists that lend their expert advice to many well known organisations in different sectors in the country.

Our firm makes sure that we can cater to all types of organisations. Our financial services packages can be altered to suit the needs of any charity organisation in any sector including health, education, social welfare and anything else with ease. We deal with charities of all sizes ranging from major international organisations to small local charities. Our team can help you understand the legal frameworks involved in running a charity successfully so that it can have the maximum impact that it is capable of.

Many of the partners at our firm are committed to a number of different charities. We believe in giving back to the community, which is why we are fully dedicated to helping out the non profit sector with our expert services and advice. Our goal is to offer to you guidance that can help your organisation achieve all the targets that it set out for.