Financial Services

Account & Finance’s financial services accounting team provides a full service to clients of all sizes, from start-ups to substantial private and public companies across the whole of the financial services industry. We help clients manage the increasing legislative and supervisory requirements that they are facing with a range of integrated governance and risk management, internal audit, and regulatory and compliance services. We can ensure a sound and robust compliance framework is in place across your organization.

Our team has many years of experience in dealing with businesses which operate in the financial services sector, and the complex issues they deal with on a daily basis. We deal with traders, brokers, derivative specialists, currency dealers, IFAs, insurance brokers and hedge fund managers in a range of organizational structures and markets.

We understand that income from financial operations can be volatile and sizable, and as a result your businesses structure is fundamental in maximizing your returns and incentivising your team. We have extensive experience in advising people both in a position of ownership of a financial services business, or individual traders or brokers.

A tax-efficient structure will usually require a level of compliance work. Our experienced audit and accounts team will prepare financial statements in line with the relevant rules and regulations. We can also advise on the effect of a particular transaction on the financial statements. Our team is geared up to prepare these necessary documents with the minimum of interference with your business, drawing on our many years of experience in this area.

We provide a range of services from tax compliance to taking care of day-to-day bookkeeping. We can register your business for VAT or PAYE and ensure that all periodic returns are completed thereafter. We can also advise on partial exemption for VAT and other specialist accountancy and tax matters.