Medical & Health

Just as medicine is an incredibly specialist area, medical accountancy is a specialism in its own right. Whether you are a GP, pharmacist, dentist or optometrist, a practice owner, practice partner or a locum, healthcare accountancy raises its own unique issues that require in-depth knowledge of the medical arena.

With over 30 years experience in medical accountancy, and the finance, taxation, practice management and pension issues affecting doctors and healthcare personnel today, we can offer expert advice and support to ensure you make tax efficient decisions at every stage of your career and tailored to your individual personal circumstances. If you are looking for expert accountancy services for your medical and health practice then Account & Finance is just the place for you. Our experienced medical accountants are fully versed in GP and medical specific issues and can target advice specifically to the requirements of a medical practice or healthcare center.

We can help with you deal with a range of issues with our expert services:

  • Preparation of annual partnership accounts
  • Preparation of annual personal income and expenditure statements
  • Preparation of partnership and personal tax returns
  • Preparation of superannuation certificates
  • Advice regarding retiring and new partners, capital accounts, level of drawings
  • Guidance regarding the NHS pension scheme
  • Assistance with obtaining finance for business or personal requirements

Having gone through a period as a registrar and possibly a locum, many GPs look to join an established practice as a full or part-time partner. This is a big step that requires thought and planning, with many factors to consider before committing to a practice, our services will help you plan better and make informed decisions. No matter what help you require simply reach out to us and we will tailor our services to suit your specific needs at the time with our experienced accountants.