Leisure and Hospitality

The leisure and hospitality industry is a vast one. We here at Account & Finance are proud to offer our financial and advisory services to a wide range of firms operating in the leisure and hospitality sector. Our team offers clients its expertise and experience at several financial concerns so that you can concentrate on running the main aspects of your business.

Operating in the leisure and hospitality sector means that you have to deal with the host of challenges that come along with it such as hiring staff and dealing with the minimum wage increase and zero hour contracts, managing online bookings and maintaining the state of your business. Often while taking care of so much, all your time and effort is dedicated to tasks that could otherwise have been delegated, leaving you none to help your business grow and become more successful.

We help clubs and societies manage their funds so that they can succeed and thrive in the leisure and hospitality industry. Clubs often have to deal with complex compliance issues, and our experts are adept at helping clients handle numerous issues without much effort on your part. We also help businesses deal with their tax concerns including filing VAT returns and putting into place efficient policies that with minimise the amount of tax that you have to pay.

Hotels and guest houses are a major part of the leisure and tourism industry. We offer our services to suit the needs of any sort of business in the sector ranging from bed and breakfasts and small guesthouses to large hotels located across the country. We can perform audits and financial reviews, help you with bookkeeping and accountancy services, advice you on tax issues and VAT and any other business and financial issues that you need help with. With a little help from us you can put into effect efficient business policies that will allow your company to thrive and make a name for itself.